Forum Objective


The Forum’s objective is to create a business environment that is free from corruption, giving rise to fair competition.

In order to achieve this objective the Forum:

  • develops and promotes actions which can help eliminate corruption;
  • co-operates with government agencies, business organisations, international funding agencies and other stakeholders with a view to developing and introducing fair and effective anti-corruption legislation and procedures.

The Forum calls on all those with interests in the domestic and international infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors to take effective and coordinated action to reduce corruption, on both a domestic and international basis, and on both the supply and demand sides.

Achieving the objective

The Forum has taken the following actions to help achieve its objective.

  • It has published an “Anti-Corruption Action Statement”. The Action Statement identifies the various categories of participant infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors, including governments, project owners, banks, export credit agencies, companies providing the equipment and services for a project, business associations and professional institutions. It recommends preventive and enforcement actions which could be taken by those participants.
  • It holds meetings between Forum members at which the members discuss and agree key anti-corruption concerns and actions, and share ideas on anti-corruption best practice.
  • It holds meetings with Government departments to discuss legislation and policy to advance the mutual anti-corruption agenda.
  • It has formed several working groups of members, which are tasked to develop specific anti-corruption actions.
  • It issues a quarterly newsletter which summarises key domestic and international anti-corruption issues and actions.
  • It has developed an anti-corruption training workshop which helps managers to identify and deal with corruption issues.