Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre (GIACC)

  • Project Anti-Corruption System (PACS) for construction projects
  • Anti-Corruption Training Manual – (England & Wales)
  • Anti-Corruption Training Manual – (International Version)

Transparency International –

  • Global Corruption Report 2005 – Corruption in Construction and Post-Conflict Reconstruction
  • Reports on ‘Preventing Corruption on Construction Projects’:
    1. Risk assessment and proposed actions for project owners
    2. Risk assessment and proposed actions for funders
    3. Risk assessment and proposed actions for construction and engineering companies and consulting engineering firms
    4. Examples of corruption
    5. Independent assessment
    6. Construction integrity pacts
    7. Model construction integrity pact – sector
    8. Model construction integrity pact – project – prequalification and tender
    9. Model construction integrity pact – project – execution
    10. Model claims management code

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) –

  • ICC Rules of Conduct to Combat Extortion and Bribery
  • ICC Fighting Corruption – A Corporate Practice Manual

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) –

  • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (June 2000)
  • OECD Risk Awareness Tool for Multinational Enterprises in Weak Governance Zones

Business against Corruption – A framework for Action
The UN Global Compact, Transparency International and the International Business Leaders’ Forum have issued “Business against Corruption – a Framework for Action”, which is a guide to companies preparing to implement anti-corruption policies consistent with the UN Global Compact’s 10th Principle.

  • Business against Corruption

Business Anti-Corruption Portal –

About Corruption: Definitions, interpretations and references to international and national legislation and initiatives.

Integrity System:

  • Model code of conduct.
  • Model risk assessment tool

Due Diligence Tools: Tools related to seeking and vetting an agent or consultant, setting up a joint venture and implementing a project.

Country Profiles: Information on various countries.

Information Networks: Contact information to turn to for local help.

Links to relevant documents and websites for further reference.

Global Transport Knowledge Partnership
The Global Transport Knowledge Partnership is an initiative to promote and disseminate knowledge in relation to the transport sector. It is developing a database of reports and actions in relation to good governance and corruption prevention on road projects.